WHY YOU SHOULD START A REINVENT-YOURSELF BLOG (or how your journey from “a-ha” to “oh-shit” will help you figure out your next career step)

To blog or not to blog? this is the question. Though the answer varies in different situations, when it comes to reinvent yourself blog – the answer is always YES!
There almost endless opportunities and possibilities to learn and grow from starting your own blog, and it will be instrumental to figuring out how exactly do you want to reinvent yourself.

I’ve summed up 8 main reasons why you should start a reinvent-yourself-blog TODAY:
You’ll learn something that will help you in the immediate future
A blog isn’t a one-sided conversation. By gathering followers and making connections with other blogs, you’re learning from their ideas and experiences, and getting that pick-me-up just when you need it. But even more importantly, you’re getting on-the-job training and some valuable tools you may not know you need yet. Think of all the tricks you’re picking up on managing a presence online, social media, tech setup, branding, marketing, predicting trends as they’re coming thanks to being well-informed, collaborating with others, scoping out new environments… the list goes on.
How this becomes an awesome thing? All those experiences are transferable skills needed in the modern work world. You can later chose if you want to leverage it and grow your business from the blog, or use it as a qualification step towards a different career.
You’ll be embracing more passions
Starting a blog is essentially like following a new passion. Passions aren’t like names, something you decide on once and then never change again – passions make up who you are, and you’d be pretty dull with only one. The thing about passions (and yes! in plural) is that they grow, evolve and change as we do.
So you don’t consider yourself a blogger? That doesn’t matter! You can embrace this passion along with all your others, and become a blogger. Not only does this keep your excitement level up by trying so many new and different things, but the skills you’re learning now will all stack up to make you even more formidable in the future!
reinvent yourself blog
You’ll find your own “unique”
Blogging isn’t just telling your readers something – it’s a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes you don’t know what you have to say until you read it back to yourself; you don’t truly think about concepts until you’re trying to explain them; you don’t see yourself clearly until someone is commenting on your funny writing style, your interesting stories, or your great decisions.
Online personalities from game reviewers to Vine stars are loved because they offer something unique that no one else does, and jumping online to become a personality of your own will define what makes you unique, that part of your character that lies untapped simply because you hadn’t looked for it or put yourself in a situation where it came out.
Branding is everything, and it never starts too early!
It’s time to decide what you want to be known for – be it a super-excel-ninja in the corporate ladder or a passion out-of-the-box business you’re starting from scratch. By starting your own blog, you get to decide which way the conversation will go.
Even if you’re not really into social media, you still have an internet presence, whether you like it or not, so make it a good one! Since Googling someone is super easy, you can bet that a few keystrokes will have your name attached to cat videos and old Twitter posts. Instead, make the first search result your blog, which serves as a portfolio for both your work and you as a person! Now anyone can find an example of your strengths, funny traits, compatibility, skills, and so on. The earlier you start it, the more cemented it is and the more prepared you seem. The new business connection/ potential client/ or just a potential boss that client thinking about making a connection can get an idea of who you really are and why you’re important to them.
You have something to say NOW, so don’t wait
Take it from someone who knows a lot about procrastination; it’s an easy hole to fall into, and even if you say you’ll do it later and actually manage to do it later, what you come up with then will not be what you can come up with now. The experiences, thoughts, concerns, and awesome ideas bubbling in your head are unique, and that uniqueness will be lost if you wait until next month or next year to dive in. My first idea from a blog came almost 7 years ago when I gave birth to my first son. I was sure I would become an online mom-blogger sensation. But then… life happened. My friends, my husband, my immediate circles all thought it was crazy to share my story as “I’m not the expert”. And they were right – I was not the expert, I was just a new mom trying to make sense of everything changing… and this would have made me so much more human, relatable, touching, real, funny, ridiculous and likable. #Spoileralert: I gave in. procrastinated and let fear get the best of me. I ended up going in a different direction, and I’m not an online mom sensation:) but not a day goes by I don’t feel sorry for not pursuing this earlier.
Not sure where to start?
How do you set up a blog and what to do with it... check my FREE toolkit bellow
You get to call the shots
If you ever felt frustrated at work (and common… we’re all humans of course you hated your boss or annoying colleague once), you will resonate with this point. You get to CALL ALL THE SHOTS.A blog allows you to be the big CEO, making strategic decisions, in charge of the creative department and everything else - from what you post, to what you share, who you talk to, the update schedule, the layout and design, so on and so on… You can even tailor the entire thing to fit your busy schedule, so you have all the perks and none of the downsides. Starting a blog sounds too scary? It doesn’t have to be – you can customize the perfect blog with the perfect elements for you. It doesn’t have to be flashy, pretty or perfect… you just have to take the first step.
You’ll have some time to reflect, bringing clarity to your path
Blogging has a built-in “me time” where you can quiet your thoughts, reflect on what’s happening in your life and busy schedule, and have some revelations or cool new ideas that couldn’t spark up with the fast pace of your normal life. Plus, by journaling down your experiences or offering advice, you’re putting in black and white where you’ve been and where you’re going, taking the time to truly think about it.
Essentially blogging should almost be a requirement for reinventing yourself – you get to find your voice, state you opinion and build your own empire… such an empowering experience to help you figure out what you want to do next with your life.
Check out the Reinvent Yourself Quiz to help you figure out your next step:
You can monetize it
Did your ears perk up when I mentioned money? Just me? Okay. Anyways – a blog doesn’t have to be just journaling and chain conversations. You can actually make money off of your time; and who knows, maybe those extra bucks give you a spa day or maybe they support your entire family. From affiliate programs, to sponsored posts, from click-through ads to maybe offering your own services and starting a business in your specific niche… who knows where this crazy adventure might lead to one day? By starting your own blog, sharing your reinvention journey and your unique perspective – essentially you will be getting paid for being well liked – isn’t that a sweet deal!?

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