There are many bits and pieces that fall into a full, fulfilling life and juggling all of them takes, well… a lot of juggling. Running around in circles trying to make sense of it all... and figure out how to reinvent yourself in the midst. Ough... exhausting!

There’s always a sense of something being forgotten, even if the day’s tasks are completed, isn’t there? And let’s be honest, how often does your entire to-do list get handled? Not to mention the shortage of “me moments”, so you feel like you’re developing and growing as a person. There are days when you just can’t do it all, and not pulling your hair out is a credit to you – but is that enough? Are you living an exciting and successful life, or are you playing damage control?

With your new mile-long To-Do list, there are just some things that are getting pushed to the back burner and never come off it again, or your life is a constant rotation of back burners until you’re not sure if you have them in the right order. You feel like there’s a slice of the pie that’s lagging behind. You don’t have to be depressed about it – dissatisfaction is enough to call for a change.
The Circle of Success
Your life can be divided up into ten parts, all shaped into one great Wheel of Life. Imagine the old pie chart from math class; except instead of deciding how your imaginary friends are each going to get a slice, you get the whole thing – all ten slices.

The Wheel of Life philosophy is a self-assessment tool that puts your life into a pie and shows your level of satisfaction and attention to every slice. It gives you a clear look on the different aspects, how balanced they are, and how balanced they could be. What this delivers is the roadmap you need for setting your goals and allocating the right amount of attention to each area, so nothing gets left on the back burner until its gone cold, and you don’t have to feel like your life’s balance is desperately missing or neglecting something.
Circle of Success (1)
As a starting point for creating balance, happiness and success in your life, the Circle of Success is the perfect tool to begin your journey. Using this tool, you will be able to reflect and gain some insight into the balance of your life and how satisfied you are in life’s different areas.

Following on from this self-reflection, you can utilize this exercise to further delve into why your wheel of life looks the way it does, what you would like your wheel of life to look like, and further into how to make this happen.

This is a widely goal-setting exercise I use with my private clients, as way a snapshot tool to understand what is working and where we need to focus, and why.

Here are all Perfect 10 elements that comprise your Circle of Success:
Purpose = Personal Growth
Purpose is not just having a reason to be somewhere; it’s having a reason for every place you’ve been and every place you’re going. You’re not just a walking and talking job-, mom-, or wife-machine; you’re your own person and it’s important to devote time to your own personal growth and fulfillment. That means trying out a new experience, taking a day for yourself, reading new books, making new connections – whatever feeds you as a person and turns you into a better person. When you look at your life, you should feel you’re growing as a person; that you’re further down the path than when you started out and making progress regularly.
Performance = Health and Wellbeing
Health isn’t something you pay attention to only after you get sick. It certainly becomes more noticeable then, but staying healthy and well is about keeping yourself at top condition in the big and small ways. Watching how much you eat, keeping yourself active, and taking time to pamper yourself now and then won’t just make sure your body is in good condition to handle the rest of your life; it’ll take care of your mentality as well, so you feel, look, and act better.
Passion = Career & Business
Work is a big part of life; it’s your way of putting your skills and unique attributes into action and giving back to the world. Work is one of the best ways to display our passion and accomplish real, noticeable (and profitable) things, because it’s where we can create and contribute on the biggest scale. Whether you own your own business or are employed, this is an opportunity to exercise your unique value and achieve outward success with passion. Without passion, everything else dissolves.
Not sure where to start?
Need some help in figuring out your Passion, Purpose and Profit? Here's a free workbook:
Play = Fun & Recreation
All work and no play makes Rita a very dull girl. Fun and recreational activities power up our energy reserves, boosts our creativity, and gives us a more positive outlook on life. Hanging out with friends, taking some time to read a good book and catch a movie, or exploring the city is a reward without cost. Having fun, having down time, and taking time to recharge is crucial to making your brain work as healthily as your body. And, hey – what’s life without a little fun?
Profit = Finance & Money
None of us can do without money, and we shouldn't! Part of reinventing yourself is making yourself finacialy stable. Finances cover our expenses, fund all the really enjoyable activities in life, and give us a sense of security and fulfillment. Money doesn't need to rule us, but it does have an influential role. Knowing your financial situation and becoming satisfied with it is the key to your success on paper, but also your success mentally.
Position = Physical Environment
We’re visual creatures. We’re affected by our surroundings. Our motivation, outlook on life, ability to complete tasks, and how we interact with others are all influenced by our physical environments. Being in a part of town you don’t like will affect your perception of yourself and the people you interact with; having a home that’s open and bright can give you positive feelings every time you enter it, making you feel more capable of tackling your goals. Having a physical environment that inspires the right reactions in you will put you in top form for making a difference and enjoying life.
People = Family & Friends
We’re herd creatures, and our interactions with others affect the rest of our lives. Ever speak to that one great friend who makes you feel better every time? Ever speak to that one relative who makes you feel like garbage? Ever go a few days or weeks without talking to anyone and notice how lonely you feel? Family and friends deserve a place in your life, for advice, for fun, for the pure psychological benefits of talking to someone – and it’s for your good as much as theirs. Besides the human need, we rely on our social connections and network to overcome challenges and rise above. 
Circle of Success Evaluation
Partner = Love & Romance
Having a romantic relationship that is open, honest, and intimate creates a huge sense of validity and satisfaction. That’s a nurturing person to lean on if you’ve already found a partner, or an exciting pursuit towards caring and being cared about if you’re still looking.
With a relationship this close, devoting time and maintaining that huge source of strength and positivity in your life will give you the power to do everything else
Proportion = Community & Giving back
Having an influence in your community is not only nurturing and beneficial to the people you’re helping – it’s good for you. You’re creating connections that can help you in the future, making friends, learning from other’s experiences, and most importantly, the sense of giving and making a genuine difference has huge impacts on your mood, self-image, and energy to achieve.
Poise = Energy, Self-Esteem and Emotional Stability
Strength comes from within, and having a strong hold on yourself and your perceptions on what you’re capable of has a profound effect on your outward abilities. You’re like a car running on fumes or the wrong type of fuel if your emotional stability, energy, and self-esteem are out of whack. It’s important to stand on solid ground and on your own two feet, either through practices that make you feel more confidant and capable, or with a belief system that will weather you through the storms. Times get hard, but at the center of you, you know you’re steady.
Each of these ten things are necessary for a balanced and fulfilled life. You can’t excuse one from your equation. Even if you don’t feel a huge effect or influence from one or two in particular, they are there, and they do make a difference.

Now here’s the way this works. The Circle of Success is only actionable as a self-assessment tool if you answer the hard questions with real honesty – even the ones you’d like to fudge by a number or two. What are your actual levels of satisfaction with each one? Not what you think they should be, or what your mom or friends would want it to be – what they are. No wishful thinking. If you pull punches, your steps towards making yourself a powerhouse will be handicapped, and the lack of progress will be disappointing enough. If you answer honestly, even painfully so, each step you make afterwards will truly count.

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  • Cherishingflo

    Wow this is so detailed and wonderful! I love all these points! I’m saving this post and I agree with all of these P’s! The health and well being is where I am lacking the most and I truly need to get it together

    • Rita2G

      Glad you liked it!
      I find it helps me keep my focus on where my energy should be headed right now.

  • Great information. Looking after every aspect of your life is important – so many people think only a few areas really matter. Thank you.

    • Rita2G

      Thanks Lara, glad you liked it!

  • Very nicely written. Thank you for this. I find that purpose is always my biggest motivator.

  • These are all right! We all need the points you mentioned in order to find success. And oh, I like it that you integrated a quiz in your article.

  • Love this- it is so easy to lose perspective on what really fulfills your life.

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