8 REASONS WHY REMOTE JOBS ARE YOUR FUTURE+ HOW TO GET ONE (or how to love your career, make more money without ever leaving the comfort of your home)

A decade or two ago, working from home or "remote jobs" might have consisted of answering customer service calls for a company a thousand miles away, doing a-mile-long-spreadsheet data entry for a huge medical conglomerate, stuffing envelopes (were any of those job “opportunities” legit?), or selling makeup out of a minivan. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Herbalife parties are something we can all look back on fondly (do they even exist any more?).

But working from home doesn’t mean what it used to. Sure, you can still find jobs doing the kind of work we remember from the early days of telecommuting, but today you can also find remote work as PRACTICALLY IN ANY FIELD: a visual designer, social media manager, data analyst, consultant, web developer, content marketer, therapist, product manager, private tutor, PR specialist and any number of other roles perfect for remote work. The list goes on and on, and many of those roles can be a stepping stone into reinventing yourself.

And it’s not just that there is more variety in remote work. The sheer number of available remote jobs is booming. In 1995, just 9% of employees in the U.S. worked remotely. By 2015, that number had more than quadrupled to 37%, and experts have estimated that at least half the workforce will work remotely at least part of the time by 2020.

This trend is particular handy for the ambitious, hustling the hustling wonder-women, looking for ways to reinvent herself. Just think about all the time you can save without commuting, and tailoring your workday on your own. So I've gather some of the main reasons to jump on the remote jobs wagon, and also some practical tips on where do you get started and what to do next.
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I’ve outlined eight main reasons why remote jobs are the best way forward, even as a part time gig while you’re trying to figure it out.

1. You can work from anywhere
Home office, front porch, kitchen table, coffee shop, coworking space, RV traveling across America, an exotic beach somewhere in Asia, the library in your kids’ international school in Africa or pretty much anywhere else you can connect to the Internet.
As a modern women we have a lot on our plates – from home, work, kids, social commitments and so on - so being location and office independent is a huge game changer. You can continue to support you family and build your career around YOUR needs.
2. You can set your own schedule
Not every remote job allows for this, but a lot of them offer at least some flexibility around when you work. That means no more regular 9-5 constrain (or more like 8-8!). It’s about getting the job done and doing in your most productive time slots. So if midnight to 4am is your thing, you can roll with it.
It also means you can live in another time-zone without working in the middle of the night! Unless you want to of course. This benefit is particularly interesting for those who are looking to travel more and create a global nomad lifestyle.
3. You can avoid office politics and do what you like
Let's face it your current job wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for all those people and the horrible office politics. Why do you have to spend your time "playing nice" to folks you don't like and making your face seen with the right crowd, instead of doing the actual work you were hired to do to leverage your skills?
When you work remotely you cut off the B*S. You figure out what you're good at, what you want to do and you focus on THAT.. not all the extra schmoozing of an office.
Not sure where to start?
Which skills & passions you can leverage to kick-start your remote career:
4. You can hone your time management skills
It’s super easy to get distracted when you work from home, and suddenly it’s 10pm and you realize you still have four hours worth of work to get done and a 9am meeting. Oops.
You have to be able to manage your time effectively so that you aren't constantly rushing to meet a deadline.
Essentially when you work from home, you world for yourself –even if you are an employee. Most remote jobs demand a high sense of responsibility and self-motivation as the must-have skills, and thus your hone not only your time efforts, you also get a chance to brash your your leadership and productivity.
5. You can make more money
If you live somewhere with a low cost of living and median income, but work for a company based in an area with high wages, you may get paid based on where the company is, not where you are. That means you can live in the middle of nowhere but make the kind of salary you’d make in NYC. (Some companies scale salary based on where you live, so keep that in mind!)
Also you can scale down your expenses – no more commuting, no more office outfits and buying out lunch – so when you add all those together, there’s potential financial benefit.
Bonus point: if you cut off office politics (#3) and get much more productive (#4) you can actually have time to juggle several gigs or freelance projects at a time - so definitely raising your paycheck.
6. You can be more efficient
This one is not in terms of your own task (see #4 above for this), this one is about the operations in general. A remote job actually requires different, and probably more skills than the local version. But that’s only because we’re used to working in a static office, where your supervisor is right down the hall, your team is next door, and lunch is at high noon. But when you’re connected to your coworkers via Skype and you all live in different time zones, you have to learn to communicate in a new way.
This one might come as a surprise, but meetings done via Google Hangouts or Skype always seem to stay on task and operate more efficiently than those that happen in person…. There’s just less time for meaningless chit-chat. The meeting is normally about getting results done, not "letting your voice be heard in the large meeting room".
Plus—here’s a dirty little remote work secret—you can multitask during a lot of meetings (especially if you’re only needed for one small part).
7. You can learn more amazing (transferable!) skills
Here’s something you’re probably going to notice as soon as you start poking around on those job boards-there are a LOT of remote tech jobs available. Now I’m not suggesting you need to get a computer science degree here, but it’s nice to upgrade your arsenal and become comfortable with online software – like asana, WordPress, hangouts and more and a basic website UX understanding. The online world offers opportunities like never before, to reach beyond work that is "more of the same" and essentially reinventing yourself with new class skills and experiences. Not to mention remote team work, big responsibility, trouble shooting, vision, strategy, flexibility and commitment.
8. You can build an international network
Most of the companies will hire people from all over the world to complete different tasks, and by collaborating with them online you get to widen your network and build new relationship. And as I wrote in the Networking survival kit, this is the only way to do networking right, by forming meaningful connections and collaborating on mutual interest. Who knows when those might become handy. From my experiences some of those people might even become your personal support network and friends because they understand you mindset and what you’re going through.
Copy of remote jobs
OK, you've got me where do I even start?
Until recently, remote jobs were relatively hard to find, but now the issue seems to be the opposite – there are heaps of new sites publishing remote jobs, and figuring out which site suits your needs best can be challenging.
We Work Remotely: the site has positions in jobs ranging from design to business execution, however – the biggest chunk of open spots is in programming.
Skip The Drive
: they pre-filters for a wide array of telecommuting, work-from-home and remote jobs.
Workatho.me is a job board for remote positions in technology. One of the categories is jobs for moms, which is a different but very much welcome approach.
Nomand List: is a all in one resource for remote jobs for people who want to travel the world and have location free job.
EuropeRemotely - Want a job working in European time zones (whether you’re from Europe or not)? Then check out EuropeRemotely, full of job listings from companies that are happy to work with remote developers in European time zones.  
Remote Ok
: The biggest collection of remote Jobs for digital nomads.
Jobspresso: is an online platform dedicated to connecting talented people who seek remote careers with companies that offer these positions. 
FlexJobs is an established job search board with thousands of professional, legitimate jobs that offer some kind of flexibility - telecommuting, part-time or flextime schedules, or freelance contracts.
The Work at Home Woman - this one a little different, Holly is a woman who have mastered the remote jobs and flexible income from home to a legendary degree, she nows shares her tips and also a weekly list of remote jobs on her blog. 
Well there you have it. The modern fast-paced world has changed every aspect of our personal lives, and our career should be no exception. The technology and infrastructure allow us to create the lifestyle you truly want. Note that all of those actually list JOBS - something that comes with a fixes paycheck.... There is of course, a lot more freelance -entrepreneurial kind of opportunities out there as well, but they merit a whole different post.
So get out there (or get back in there in fact), and thrive on a well paid position you can do where ever you want. And, if you’re so inclined, without ever changing out of your pajamas.

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  • I love that there are more remote jobs out there than there used to be. I think so many women, especially, want to work but balance their career with motherhood. Great article!

    • Rita

      Thanks Kathy! Yes I think this generation is all about putting technology and the modern workforce into the use of better work-life balance and structuring the career around their life

  • Great post. Thanks you for the ideas

    • Rita2G

      Sure thing, glad you liked it.

  • I remember about 5 years ago, I was looking for remote jobs and most of them were all scams or required a hugh investment upfront. It’s nice that remote jobs are becoming the future as I think it opens the possibilities up to more stay at home moms to make incomes working from home.

    • Rita2G

      Definitely Joanna, you’re right!
      The tech enables us to do our best work yet maintain the lifestyle we’re after

  • Thanks for the list! I’ve been wanting to do this but have never been able to find any positions that would take on someone in my Timezone. But his list gives me heaps of leads!

    Thank you!

    • Rita2G

      Some of them are really project based, so timeline should not be a big issue.
      Good luck with your search!

  • Cherishingflo

    Loved this! And I’m looking for work from home jobs right now so this came at the perfect time!

    • Rita2G

      Yey, glad you found it useful Cheri

  • I do a little freelance work but have found clients through word of mouth. Thank you so much for website resources! I’m so excited! Thank you!

  • I love that there are so many more LEGITIMATE options for working at home now. Really, at least for me personally, what’s not to love about all of the perks you mentioned?!

    • Rita2G

      Exactly, right?
      It’s not just MLM schemes or making endless phone calls… those are real jobs that let you take advantage of tech while maintaining your life style

  • Why should we suffer? Then technology and system build up thiis far. We must enlighten these benefits of remote job.

  • I have always worked from home, as a real estate agent and blogger, I love the freedom that comes with it. These are so true especially avoiding the office politics. I can’t imagine being confined to a room all day long!

    • Rita2G

      How many years have you been doing it Kathy?
      It’s true that for some it comes really naturally, but I found that for some of my clients this is major mindset shift that they need to overcome.

  • Thanks for the remote jobs list! I’ll keep that handy. 🙂

  • This is an excellent resource! I’m a nursing instructor, and in my current role, I work mostly remotely. This is hugely helpful with my 4 young daughters, though I’m struggling trying to find the balance between being available to them and being productive! We have a great nanny for 10 hours each week that is really helpful.

  • I created my own “remote job” when I started my clothing company, while we do have an office, I work from the road or home a lot of the time. I work a lot of hours, but because I have control of my time and environment it doesn’t feel like work most days.

  • Remote jobs are WHERE IT’S AT! I love the versatility of being able to work but still be present at home. Love this resource for finding remote work, thanks for sharing!

  • I think you’re totally right, so many jobs can be done remotely now so it’s right that people can work from anywhere x

  • I am working from home but I am happy. I am not exactly earning a lot as I can only spend so much time working, but it gives me great fulfillment to be with the kids and take care of them.

  • As a mom, I am working from home but I am happy. I am not exactly earning a lot or bigger than when I was working in a company, as I can only spend so much time working, but it gives me great fulfillment to be with the kids and take care of them. After all, I am homeschooling them.

  • I am a stay at home mom and i just recently started a blog hoping to make it a remote job as well as therapeutic hobby of mine 🙂 thanks for sharing

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