5 SIMPLE SELF-CARE TIPS FOR BUSY WOMEN (or how to juggle your career, business and life without jeopardizing your sanity)

Being a modern woman is NOT easy.
Heck, it's messy... We’re supposed to be one thing at work, another thing at home. Work – life balance is almost a cliché by now. Society tells us we should keep straight A's, raise perfect kids, coordinating weekly schedules, driving everybody to soccer/swimming/dance practice, supporting your partner, trying to have a side gig, a passionate hobby maybe… tons of To-Do lists all while juggling an instagram-perfect personal life. Self-care for busy women is plan hard!

I hear YOU! That’s A LOT! My schedule is crazy, and every time I keep it balanced, I give myself a huge pat on the back. I love how we can switch hats and step from one domain to another… But, quiz time: what happens when you worry about getting the oxygen mask on someone else before yourself? Answer: you’re going to pass out and be useless to everyone.
It’s important to remember that your productivity is going to be shot if your eyes start reading “GAME OVER”, so take some time for yourself (you deserve it, girl!) before diving in.

Here are my top tips for self - care tips for busy women:

self care tips for busy women
***This is not the take a nap, prioritize your tasks and adopt a mantra kind of list, those are real life tips to bring some balance and more creative outlet to your life.

1. Fuel your passions (plural!)
oriented career. You forget why you started and that’s a one-way train to “I hate my job”-ville. If you’re unemployed, things tend to look even worse: the “who am I” and “what am I” are questions arise on a daily basis.
The thing is, we shouldn’t focus on finding just one sole true passion. We are wired to enjoy multiple things and follow several different passions. So no need for dramatic changes just yet, sometimes just more fun activities will do wonders to your self-care.
Take the time to work on your hobby projects; you’ll get encouraging feedback if you share (which will help you in work mode), you’ll be able to stretch your creative muscles; and more than anything, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. Or maybe you’re into hiking? Or cycling? Just put something on your busy schedule to support yourself.
2. Meet inspiring people
Instead of finding yourself in the same rut with the same people, reach out to social media and get talking with interesting new people. Better yet, head out to the nearest park and while your kids play with their friends – try starting a real conversation with a stranger, you will be astonished how inspiring this can be. Essentially us humans, we are social creatures. So just taking a coffee break to connect with someone can do wonders to your work-life balance.

  • Visit a convention and strike up conversation with a speaker there (if you’re anything like me and aren’t naturally social, take a deep breath and go for it).
  • Email someone you find inspiring. Or someone you lost touch with years ago. Or someone you’ve been meaning to text for ages now. Doesn’t really matter who, just reach out to one person and talk about day-to-day life, rather something more inspiring
  • Even if you’re the most introverted person in the world, you still need some one-on-one socialization and you’ll feel better for it. As an added bonus, you’ll learn things from these new inspiring people that can only add to your work, your passions, and your personal life.
Not sure where to start and what are you even passionate about?
Try me Reinvent Yourself Quiz" to get started:
3. Try new experiences
Skills aren’t something you can just exchange; they pile up until you are a collection of the weirdest, coolest, and most impressive skills you’ve found over the years. Experiences are the same way (plus they’re fun), so I guess in that regard it’s true what they say: the more the merrier ;)

  • Maybe you have no idea what creating and running a blog has to do with being a certified nurse, but guess what? This gives you the chance to get in contact with people who will appreciate your advice, and learn some really valuable lessons in communication. This is only the beginning. None of these people knew where their blog will take them, and look at their amazing and inspiring business online.
  • Do volunteering in a completely different field. I know that pro-bono is the accepted trend lately, but how about kicking yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something completely different can do wanders for your confidence and thus boost your self-care. If you’re an IT girl working in front of her computer – try maybe organize a social benefit event. If you are a social butterfly, think the other direction – maybe hone your excel skills and take them up a notch. Thought it might feel like adding yet another task to your long To-Do list… this is actually categorized as “me time” and you’ll be surprised how it will work wonders for your work - life balance and confidence.
me time for self-care tips for busy women
4. Open your mind to learning new things
Similar to the previous section, this one is adding more on your To-Do. But don’t fret missis, as this one is essential for self - care tips for busy women. Take up a course for an unrelated job. Try hang-gliding… not sure how that one would be useful, but why not?
  • Find classes to better your skills (if you’re into pottery, imagine the creations you can make while you’re learning)
  • Browse social media for some [insert your job] specific problems (which pinpoint your weaknesses that you can improve upon and learn about)
  • Or, watch some videos (if you’re into cinematography, that very short Vine clip could actually teach you something!) Want more? How about a private French cooking class? A patisserie and chocolate-oriented guided tour? Read a book on a completely new subject… just diversify your routine.

  • Here’s a handy list to get you started:
TED - a media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan "ideas worth spreading". When searching for speakers, you can keep in mind these seven different types of talks — not every speaker’s talk has to be exactly the same: the big idea, the tech demo, the artistic statement and more.
Udemy - global marketplace features an extensive, multi-language library, which includes over 65,000 courses taught by expert instructors. You can take courses across a wide range of categories, some of which include: business & entrepreneurship, programming, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music, technology, games, and more.
CreativeLIVE — CreativeLive has an interesting approach to workshops on creative and lifestyle topics (photography, art, music, design, people skills, entreprenurship, etc.), with live access typically offered free and on-demand access requiring purchase.
Coursera - 2000+ courses from top universities. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate.
Mooc - Mooc is another great site for anyone looking to sharpen their skills or learn new ones. They offer a range of quick courses that you can knock out in no time at all.
5. Take a break
And then, after you lernt a new skills, juggled several passions and met inspiring people… sometines all it takes is a simple break. So yeah, it’s important to take a moment and breathe once in a while as part of your self - care routine for a busy woman.
Being the perfectionist overachiever that I am, there are a lot of times where I’ll be trying so hard to get all my ducks in a row (crazy how new ones keep appearing!) that I forget how a good ol’ fashioned break can do wonders. Yes, we have responsibilities and yes, we all wear endless hats – moms, spouses, career women, neighbors, experts, business women, dreamers, daughters and so on.

But remember, we, as hustling women, are more than just moms to everyone else. It’s important to cherish your days off and actively shut off your analytical work-brain for a bit. Those problems and challenges will be there tomorrow and one day won’t be the end of the world. After this, you’ll have a clearer mind and be more emotionally well-balanced – which in the end will make you more happy and productive overall!
What is your best self-help tip??
Let us know belllow in teh comments.

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  • Monidipa Dutta

    Dear i love your post but I am a student, medical trainee, writer, painter and a Teacher. I have a very hectic day. Hardly I get off. How do I do these to help myself?

    • Rita2G

      What are you passionate about? Which ones of your list above are “must do” and which are “I LOVE doing for me”. Make sure you schedule something for YOU every week. Even a small thing- like read a book with a glass of red wine… just to fuel yourself to get going.

  • These are some really great tips. Lately, my wife has been going through a rough phase. I will share these tips with her. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Rita2G

      Thank you so much. Glad you found it helpful!

  • Gorgoues tips! it’s so important to think about yourself and worry about better life. Self care is what we easily forget esp women because we tend to act like superheroes way too often

  • This has been helpful as I find it hard to juggle between everything I have to do for my blog. I also agree about the importance of trying new experiences and get out of your comfort zone.

    • Rita2G

      Thanks for commenting Hadas. I loved your blog!
      I’d be happy to connect next time you’re in Tel-Aviv.

  • I love your tips! I totally agree that we must all have time to relax, to learn, and to meet other people once in a while. Life is too short to spend all the days working. In my case, I always make sure that I have time to travel at least once a week.

  • Elizabeth O

    This was a really great post, I definitely gained some inspiration from it to help me when I need to take time for me!

  • Totally agree with opening your mind and learning new things that’s very important! & taking break once a while is totally necessary otherwise it will get to much!

    PixieOX x

  • I agree with all these tips. Trying new things regularly help and taking regular breaks are needed. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • All great tips and the one I can relate the most is MEET INSPIRING PEOPLE. And I’d add POSITIVE people. They can fuel up our life!

  • Taking a break is so so important . Being a busy women its really hard to find time for yourself but its necessary to have some me time and pamper yourself . Great tips!

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