HOW TO START A SIDE HUSTLE IN 6 EASY STEPS (or how to use the third grade “Wh- questions” model for fail-proof launch of your side gig)

Launching a side gig can be an intimating idea, but if you have a dream, do not let fear stand in your way! Take that fear and use it, let it push you forward into making your dreams a reality. Do you want to launch your own landscaping business? Sell your artwork? Write on the side? Great, then you are already on your way. Or, are you wanting to start a side hustle and are at a loss for ideas of what to hustle your bustle in?
What's more is that starting a side hustle can not only pad your income, but create career-changing opportunities that you wouldn't have normally stumbled upon at your full-time job
Well, either way, here are some easy steps to help you find out what you want to do and start a side hustle with an ease.
My "Wh-Questions" model to start your side hustle
My model is pretty simple really.
There are various big launching courses out there teaching you all the stratagies for marketing nad launching. Here's the thing though: if you stay to much in the learning zone, you might end up not taking action at all and never starting your side gig. Now, we wouldn't want that, right?!
This is why I came up with a simple, six-step model.
These are really simple ‘wh-‘ questions to ask yourself, the answers to which will enable you to get the best possible start to your business.
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1. Who
Who is your ideal client for your side hustle idea? Are you aiming for a specific demographic? Which one, and why? Are you aiming for people in a specific region, and do you need translators and permits for international transactions?
Rather than choosing a broad category, narrow your target customer down with the following specifications: gender, ethnicity, age, geographical location, hobbies, familial status, political affiliations, occupation, income, etc… Most of those categorize will probably NOT be relevant in the future as you start to build your client portfolio but to get started this is the #1 question you have to answer: Who am I going to serve?
Asking yourself who your business is going to serve will assist in readying advertisements and preparing for all manner of situations.
2. What
What are you going to offer as a business? Services or products? Or both? Are these services or products needed in your area, or are you going to market and perform the elsewhere? Plus, what is unique to these services? What is your value proposition and WHAT makes you the best option? Here are some ideas of unique niche businesses that have rocked their WHO and WHAT.
In order to experience quick results, your side hustle must be backed by relevant skills, experience or industry knowledge. After all, business success happens only when the right skills meet the right interest areas.
Asking the above will really help in the creation of your marketing copy, as well as making clear your strengths and weaknesses – potentially even giving you the time to shore up those weaknesses and create an even stronger business.
3. When
What will your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly hours be? If your business is going to be freelance, then perhaps setting up specific contact hours is a good step to take so that you are not talking to clients 24/7. It is also important to block out time off.
Over 80% of the investment needed to start a side hustle is time.
It’s the period you need to acquire (or sharpen) a skill, find and serve clients who will pay for your work.
Remember, your side hustle will begin taking many hours each week away from precious moments you'd otherwise be spending with friends, family and elsewhere. A side hustle also requires herculean effort to succeed, given that the majority of your time each day goes to your full-time job. Make a serious self-assessment about whether or not this is something you're willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve.
Just because you are your own boss does not mean that you need to work yourself into the ground. Sometimes when we don't have a boss and strict deadline, analysis paralysis kicks in and you are left procrastinating forever. If you recognize yourself in that scenario (I sure do!) - here are my best tips to skyrocket your productivity while working on your side hustle.
A good idea is to carefully research and plan out the best time to release marketing and launch your business. If you were launching your art career, for example, one of the best times to put yourself out there is during the lead up to Christmas in November and December – lots of people are looking for presents, and artsy products typically do pretty well.
Need some help in panning your side hustle.
I have a free 90-day planner to help you put your viosion on paper and carefully plan your WHAT, WHO and WHEN:
4. Where
Where are you going to advertise your business? Where is your business going to be based? Will you work out of home or are you going to rent an office space? Will you be running your own website (and will you create and run it yourself or hire a web designer to do that for you), or working from a platform like Facebook or Etsy?
These are vital question that must be answered before you launch a business. We will talk about some common platforms you can use below!
4. Which
Which specialty do you offer? What is your niche in the industry, and what sets you apart from the competitors?
Really think about this, as it will be useful for marketing and when speaking with potential clients: why should people choose your product or service over your competitors?
This is where you get very specific (think crazy details) on what is in and what is out. When we first start out, it's tempting to say YES to any opportunity that comes your way... but sometimes it can disorient you from your mission and the side hustle you set up to start.
4. Why
Of all the questions you are going to be asking yourself, this is the most important: why are you doing this? Why this specific business or product? Why now? There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs: personal satisfaction, creative independence or financial autonomy -- the list goes on. What is it that drives you? The reason probably isn’t money -- at least it shouldn’t be. There’s a reason that career counselors across the country ask the same time-old question: "If money were no object, what would you do?" Be authentic and honest when you think about this. Take the time to dig deep, write your thoughts down, and don’t rush. If you aren't 100 percent committed to making your vision a reality, you won’t be impassioned enough to nurture your side hustle through its inevitable growing pains.
Businesses rarely make money right off the bat, so the dream of money alone will not be reason enough to see it through.
Simon Sinek, the founder and visionary at Start With Why summarizes this main message as: "If you want to inspire others, always communicate your why first". Same applies to your side hustle - in order for people to connect to you they need to understand why you are so passionate about your project. Sinek’s first TEDx talk from 2009 is now the 3rd most watched TED talk of all time, sitting at well over 25 million views and his book went on to be a NY bestseller in no time , so do me a favour and figure out your WHY first.
always start with your why - side hustle
So what's next?
Now that you worked your way through my 6 step Wh-Questions model and you are ready to start your side hustle, you might be wondering.... ok, but what's next? what do I tomorrow morning?
Worry not my friend.
Millions of people around the world are learning the truth: having your own side-hustle gives you greater confidence, less dependency on your day job, more flexibility and freedom through extra income, and a hobby that (more than) pays for itself.
And the best way to get you started is offering your unique skills through various online business platform for freelancers and side hustelers like you.
Platforms to start your side hustle on
Now, about those business platforms...
Lots of people conduct their business or do the bulk of their marketing online. It is highly cost effective, and easy to manage once you get into the swing of things. We will talk about a few sites that we suggest for people looking to start their own side hustle, starting with…
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remote side hustle
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Etsy - is a great platform for creatives selling vintage and hand-made products – from all manner of things, like clothing, woodwork, jewelry, and digital prints. This is a clean, simple platform to use, and is great for beginners.
If you decided to start a side hustle in the crafty, more artistic sphere - this a goldmine for you to start offering your beautiful creations to the world.
Udemy - This isn’t so much a business platform as it is a platform to start building your businesses skill-base. Udemy is an online teaching arena, where you can sign up for a quick master class in all sorts of skills, like web development, app creations, and business management. Here's the beauty - you can both learn some handy skills, but more importantly you can offer your knowledge product (a short course) to millions of monthly visitors without putting the effort of building your own audience first.
Skillshare - is a bit like Udemy, expect that they offer over 18 000 different courses across a far broader range of industries. This site can be accessed offline as well, across a range of devices, and is highly accessible.
Skillshare classes are on average 20-60 minutes of video content that walk students through a specific skill or project, so creating a class is fairly easy - plus the topics vary a lot and they don;t have to be business oriented at all.
PeoplePerHour - is a great site for freelancers, especially those who are just starting in the game and have not built up a return customer base. Sign up, fill out your profile, and start looking for jobs that need your skills. Sites like these may not be the best money until your buff out your profile with great reviews, but they are a stepping stone.
Ebay - Perhaps one of the best buying and selling platforms known around the globe, Ebay is an established platform that you can slide into easily. The trick here, is to make your products stand out from the rest by wrangling titles and tags so that they appear in Google searches.
The beauty of this platform is you can start making some cash on the side while you're still developing your side hustle idea - just sell the stuff you already have lying around the house that you have no use for.
Frelancer - another good site for freelancers looking to build their brand. Frelancer is a site where you can sign up and start bidding for jobs immediately. This is slightly less popular than other freelancing sights, but you can view it as an advantage as well - less competition for you while you start your side hustle.
Upwork - formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. This is probably the biggest and most known marketplace to trade your skills as a side hustle.
Each freelancer has his or her own profile page, similar to social media sites (except you can actually win clients with your Upwork profile). Upwork makes it easy to drill down using job filters and find a batch of highly targeted opportunities for your skills.
Shutterstock - If you have a decent camera (no, your iPhone doesn’t count), a basic understanding of photographic principles and experience with photo-editing programs, you could earn money taking photos.
WyzAnt - a digital marketplace to connect students to independent tutors. Just take whatever knowledge you already have (whether through high school college or upper education) and work one-on-one with students from all over the world.
Your own platform.
Yes there are pleanty of marketplace solutions out there, but perhaps you are loggingto start your own empire (maybe a small empire, but still yourown).
I hear you! Sometimes those freelancing opportunities don't quiet cut it, ha? Maybe you are looking for a creative outlet, or not entirely sure what sort of skills and services you want to offer as your side hustle? In this case consider starting a blog, and as you keep on writing your thoughts looking for ideas clarity will follow- the idea might find you instead offering to earn some decent side cash from your own blog and your audience.
Not sure where to start?
How do you set up a blog and what to do with it... check my FREE toolkit bellow:
Time to take action
The first client is far and away the most important. Once you’ve worked with at least one, you’ll be in a much better position to secure another, and more after that.

But how do you get that first client? It’s probably a lot easier than you think. Tap into your existing network - friends and family, former co-workers or social media contacts will normally spread much wider than you expect.
Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to set yourself and your side hustle up for a great launch - because focus is the name of the game.
Tell us in the comments, do you already have a side gig? or are you thinking of starting a side hustle now?
Where ever you are - don't procrastinate forever. Start where you are, one step at a time!

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