VISION BOARDS ARE NOT DEAD (or how to set your intentions and achieve your dreams)

Taking life as it comes and going with the flow is all well and good for some. For those with vision, however, life cannot be quite so free-flowing – not if you want to achieve your dreams. Planning out a journey to your ultimate destination is key in marking your success and keeping sure that you are on the right path. Vision boards are a great tool, and an incredibly useful one for reaching your goals.
What is a Vision Board?
Think of a vision board as you planning out a road trip. You need to mark out a path to your final destination, alternate routes in case something unplanned happens, rest stops, gas stations to fuel up the car, and various sightseeing locations. Planning all of this out beforehand save you time, stress, money, and allows you to mark your progress. Keeping track of your progress, too, is key in maintaining your motivation to reach the end. Looking back on how far you have come is immensely validating, and a can be just the kick up the butt you need when that motivation dwindles. This is the power of a vision board. If you do not know where you are going, no road will take you there.
vision boards to help you get your dreams

Knowing what it is that you want to achieve, your big endgame goal, is the first step to properly visualizing just what that big goal is. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to plan out the road ahead.

Let’s take finding your perfect partner as an example. The ultimate goal is to settle down with someone who suits your personality, is supportive, and makes you happy. Reaching that goal, especially if you haven’t been dating for a while, is easier when you create a vision board. Visualizing what you want and when you want it assists in narrowing your focus and laying down the groundwork for achievement. Continuing with our example, signing up for a dating website, trying speed-dating, or letting friends and/or family set you up on a date is a good first step – if a slightly scary one. Putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking (for many people!), but knowing this is a part of the journey towards finding your one true love can be a huge boost to your confidence.

Your next step, after finding a partner and spending some time with them, is to move through your relationship naturally. Moving in together is usually a goal quite a few couples have, and one that you can easily integrate onto your own vision board. Eventually, you will come to the point where you can ask yourself: is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? This is where being specific is important. Why do you want to be with this person? Do they make you happy? Do they support you in all the ways they can? Importantly, does your partner your vision?

Visualization and achieving goals does not always have to be focused upon such enormous parts of your life, of course (whew!), but can be about something as simple as improving your fitness, learning a new skill, taking on a hobby, or cutting down on frivolous spending. Setting out how you are going to go about doing this is crucial. There are even some simple programs you can download onto your computer or phone to help plot out and keep track of your vision board – no need to scribble out your ideas on cards and stick them to a corkboard.

Why You Have to Make a Vision Board?

I love vision boards and journals to get my thoughts in order and gain some clarity on what it is that I'm working on. Sometimes it's easy to loose track of the bog picture goal when you're ultra focus on the day-to-day routine and tasks. I first dump all my goals, dreams and thoughts on a paper and then go through a prioritizing exercise where I figure what is REALLY important and what just seems good, but essentially is not something I'm willing to commit to. Essentially working with a vision board is using both parts of your brain - the right side and the left side.

Without a doubt, it is the visual aspect of a dream board that really drives home your desires and sends a very loud, clear message. By creating a vision board and placing it in a spot you see every day, you create the opportunity for consistent visualization- using BOTH words and pictures - to train your mind, body, and spirit to manifest your desires.

Leveraging Technology for you Vision Board
Implementing digital tools is the best way to make your goals work for you.
Here are a few of my own favorite recommendations!

  • The Hay House Vision Board App Free, fun, and simple to use, this app is really good for anyone who likes to play with digital mediums, or finds more keeping their spirits up easier with inspiring quotes and beautiful imagery thrown into the mix. Creating vision boards is just one aspect of this app, and the sheer amount of customization, personalization, and functions that Hay House have stuffed into this app makes it a great choice for anyone with a creative streak.
  • Vision Board by Happy Tapper A simple and beautifully designed app, Vision Board acts like a digital corkboard that will keep you motivated and remind you about your goals. This is a nice app without clutter for those with Apple devices. It’s neat, easy to use, and perfect for anyone who hates fussing around with apps.
  • Bloom by Mindbloom - this is a vision board app more geared towards keeping you motivated and positive with gentle reminders. Either create your own motivational slideshows and images, which will appear at whatever intervals you set, or download premade ones; so for anyone who struggles staying positive, this is a good app for you. This is a free app (though it does have in-app purchases available) and is only available through iTunes.
  • Mind Movies by Mind This is really the whole package when it comes to vision boards. Mind Movies is a software kit that you buy for any device and use to create motivational videos. These videos use a combination of various stimuli to create a sensory experience that will boost your brain into maximum overdrive when it comes to visualization. Think of Mind Movies as a daily reminder of your goals and why you are working towards them. The fact that these videos you create are short means that you and quickly watch one during a slump to perk yourself back up!

Not Sure Where to Start?
A good place to start - take the REINVENT YOURSELF Quiz and get some tailor made recommendations based on your personality traits in under 15 minutes:
So what's next?
Vision boards are a super great tool for those ready to make big or little changes in their lives, from spending less to buying their first house, and by implementing them into your everyday life achieving your goals will become that much easier.
Vision boards aren’t dead!
They are more alive than ever, and a fantastic way to chart your path into the future.
So tell us what is in your Vision Board?

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