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23 MUST- HAVE BOOKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (or how to reinvent and skyrocket your career, business & productivity while building your dream life)

We all have big dream and various goals. We set out, determined and motivated to conque them and then… Before you know it, another year has passed; then five, then ten. Still, things seem much the same as always because they are much the same as they’ve always been. So the question is this: What are you going to do this year to make your life better? How will you make it different from last year, and so many years before? What are you going to do to finally begin living that remarkable life you’ve dreamed of and hoped for […]

HOW TO START A SIDE HUSTLE IN 6 EASY STEPS (or how to use the third grade “Wh- questions” model for fail-proof launch of your side gig)

Launching a side gig can be an intimating idea, but if you have a dream, do not let fear stand in your way! Take that fear and use it, let it push you forward into making your dreams a reality. Do you want to launch your own landscaping business? Sell your artwork? Write on the side? Great, then you are already on your way. Or, are you wanting to start a side hustle and are at a loss for ideas of what to hustle your bustle in? What’s more is that starting a side hustle can not only pad your […]

8 REASONS WHY REMOTE JOBS ARE YOUR FUTURE+ HOW TO GET ONE (or how to love your career, make more money without ever leaving the comfort of your home)

A decade or two ago, working from home or “remote jobs” might have consisted of answering customer service calls for a company a thousand miles away, doing a-mile-long-spreadsheet data entry for a huge medical conglomerate, stuffing envelopes (were any of those job “opportunities” legit?), or selling makeup out of a minivan. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Herbalife parties are something we can all look back on fondly (do they even exist any more?). But working from home doesn’t mean what it used to. Sure, you can still find jobs doing the kind of work we remember from the early […]


There are many bits and pieces that fall into a full, fulfilling life and juggling all of them takes, well… a lot of juggling. Running around in circles trying to make sense of it all… and figure out how to reinvent yourself in the midst. Ough… exhausting! There’s always a sense of something being forgotten, even if the day’s tasks are completed, isn’t there? And let’s be honest, how often does your entire to-do list get handled? Not to mention the shortage of “me moments”, so you feel like you’re developing and growing as a person. There are days when […]

UNIQUE NICHES FOR ONLINE BUSINESSES (or why you need to stop making excuses and take action today… in YOUR niche)

Online business is a flourishing industry on the rise. Just the online course segment is estimated to be a 700 billion (yep! Not a spelling mistake), industry – so this is you chance to jump on the wagon… Let me tell you that some of those unique niches for online businesses are rather amusing 🙂 Now, I don’t consider myself do be business coach, or a self-proclaimed guru (there are many o those out there already), what I DO know though is that in this ultra-connected world – no niche is too unique, too bizarre or unsalable. When working with […]

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, BIG DREAMS (or what made me finally take action and follow my passions)

Few people can point to a specific defining moment in their lives that made them take massive action and follow their big dreams. I am fortunate to remember a few. One of those life-changing moments was almost 3 years ago, reading Yuval Yuval Abramovitz’s ‘The List: Shout Out Your Dreams! (Motivation & Inspiration For Success & Happy Life). In a very relatable, simple and non woo-woo way the book tells the author’s remarkable story of triumphing over paralysis, drawing up a list of life dreams and pursuing each one to success. But the book isn’t just a story; containing a […]

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF PRODUCTIVITY (so you can stop spinning the wheels and get back your time to cuddle with your kids on the sofa)

If you are like most people, you probably thought hard and strong about how 2017 is going to be a new year and a new you. I hear you… But then life happened… You know what you need to do, you just can’t seem to do it. Life is busy and you don’t have enough time. You struggle with consistency and can’t seem to stick with it. You’re tired of habits failing and don’t think you’ll succeed, so you don’t even try now. You either have a tendency to get too excited and over-commit in the moment or you start […]

WHY YOU SHOULD START A REINVENT-YOURSELF BLOG (or how your journey from “a-ha” to “oh-shit” will help you figure out your next career step)

To blog or not to blog? this is the question. Though the answer varies in different situations, when it comes to reinvent yourself blog – the answer is always YES! There almost endless opportunities and possibilities to learn and grow from starting your own blog, and it will be instrumental to figuring out how exactly do you want to reinvent yourself. I’ve summed up 8 main reasons why you should start a reinvent-yourself-blog TODAY: You’ll learn something that will help you in the immediate future A blog isn’t a one-sided conversation. By gathering followers and making connections with other blogs, […]


What would you do if you weren’t afraid? I am scared. I have always been scared… that I will fail, that I will disappoint others, that I will ruin my life (whatever that might mean). For most of my life I let myself be guided by this fear and others’ expectations. I did everything right. Checked all the boxes… A lawyer with a master in public policy, a husband, 2 kids and an “important” job with six figures salary. But something was not working. It wasn’t till I found myself curled up in the corner of the couch snuggling my […]