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VISION BOARDS ARE NOT DEAD (or how to set your intentions and achieve your dreams)

Taking life as it comes and going with the flow is all well and good for some. For those with vision, however, life cannot be quite so free-flowing – not if you want to achieve your dreams. Planning out a journey to your ultimate destination is key in marking your success and keeping sure that you are on the right path. Vision boards are a great tool, and an incredibly useful one for reaching your goals. What is a Vision Board? Think of a vision board as you planning out a road trip. You need to mark out a path […]


Life is a long journey. It has many twists and turns, unexpected joys, spots of grief and anger, flares of passion, and moments of indecision. It is this last point we will be talking about today and discussing how your IKIGAI might be the answer. Each of us has had times in our lives where we have been wracked by indecision, paralyzed by fear, shortage of inspiration, or a lack of opportunity, and let a great chance drift by untouched. Do not feel discouraged by these times; we are here to help you overcome such troubles. This indecision, which we all […]

WHY YOU HAVE TO REINVENT YOURSELF (or the death of “job stability myth” and what you should do instead)

Let me tell you a story. Imagine someone around the age of eighteen – maybe younger, maybe older. This person finds good job. Perhaps it doesn’t make millions, but it is a decent paycheck that puts food on the table and affords them a two-week vacation here and there. This person continues working at this job as they turn thirty, forty, fifty – all the while getting steady raises and steady promotions based on their performance. So long as they work hard, are loyal, and are trustworthy, the job is theirs. At a decent senior age, this person finally retires […]

SHOUT OUT YOUR DREAMS (or how to set your goals, gain traction and accountability without leaving your house)

Setting your goals is a critical part to achieving anything in life. This is your chance to lay down, on paper, just what you want in life, why you want it, and when you want it by. These are all critical components of achieving anything. You cannot get fear and self-doubt get in your way. As long as the “why” is strong enough, you can conquer any adversity. No matter what it is, as long as it’s strong enough to override every other cell in your body that screams for you to take the comfortable route, you won’t. When your […]

HOW TO START A SIDE HUSTLE IN 6 EASY STEPS (or how to use the third grade “Wh- questions” model for fail-proof launch of your side gig)

Launching a side gig can be an intimating idea, but if you have a dream, do not let fear stand in your way! Take that fear and use it, let it push you forward into making your dreams a reality. Do you want to launch your own landscaping business? Sell your artwork? Write on the side? Great, then you are already on your way. Or, are you wanting to start a side hustle and are at a loss for ideas of what to hustle your bustle in? What’s more is that starting a side hustle can not only pad your […]