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No complcated software to install and then spend forever (and a fortune) to figure out how it works
These everyday resources can make your life easier and your dream of REINVENT-YOURSELF-with-a-passion-project
more realistic than ever.
Most of them are completely FREE , others might come with a small price tag.
My personal goal is to become as efficient and productive as possible. So, I figured I needed to take a step back and see where I might be wasting time that you I even know about it. Rescue Time is a free resource to help you not feel scattered.
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I use Canva to create all of my photos on social media and our website!! I do use the premium version so I can upload my own fonts and colors but you don't have to! You can use hundreds of templates and design images for each social media platform.
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When I set up my first blog, there were so many steps involved. I had to buy my domain name on a different platform, then there was the whole separate C-panel, and FTP thing and then you had to download and install WordPress separately... seriously I was lost!! Save yourself a headache and use Site Ground! They have the fastest servers and the BEST customer support.
Survey Monkey is a free tool to get you some insights about your readers, leads and potential customers. You'll have to know what their frustrations and challenges are so you can help them right? You can start first survey today.
NameCheap is an accredited domain name registrar with really affordable prices. It let's you do some research on what is available and alternative options. The company offers web hosting as well, but as mentioned above I use and LOVE SiteGround.
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The Pomodoro Technique can help you power through distractions, hyper-focus, and get things done in short bursts, while taking frequent breaks to come up for air and relax. Best of all, it's easy. The methodology is simple: When faced with any large task or series of tasks, break the work down into short, timed intervals (called "Pomodoros") that are spaced out by short breaks. This trains your brain to focus for short periods and helps you stay on top of deadlines or constantly-refilling inboxes.
MailChimp is great when you’re first starting out because they offer a free option for up to 2000 subscribers. But the things you can do with it - well, very limited.
Enters ConvertKit - truly a blogger's email-systems dream came true! ConvertKit has a very intuitive, and simple design that makes it easy to navigate to where you need to go.
Freshbooks provides cloud-based accounting solutions for small business owners. It allows you to create and send professional looking invoices in less than 30 seconds, as well as set up online payments with just a couple of clicks and get paid up to 4 days faster. The beauty about FreshBooks is how simple and intuitive is the interface.
ProfitBuilder is my go to page-builder and design theme + plugin from day one. An easy drag & drop builder, with 130+ proven templates always mobile responsive and optimized for conversions. Oh… and did I mentioned you can control (drag and drop) every single element?! (control freaks raise your hand:)) Yup, I just love that I can control every single detail of the outline and design of the pages.
Usually, scheduling stinks. We have all experienced the email back/forth nonsense. It often takes more time scheduling a meeting, than the meeting itself. Calendly is a simple calendar setting app.
It’s free, at first. It’s a freemium model, so give it a try the next time you need to squeeze in a bunch of individual appointments into the same day.
PopupAlly Pro is the polite popup solution that does way more than just add popups to your website. With fluid templates that allow you to customize every detail of your opt-in forms, you’ll always be on brand and building your list like a champ.
It’s not just for popups, either. You can design embedded opt-ins, floating horizontal opt-ins, contact forms, mini-surveys, and split test different options to see what converts best.
Webcolourdata will give you the hex codes used in any site as well as the colors used on the color wheel so you can see where they are in comparison to each other. It also shows you other sites which use similar colors.
Tailwind is a game changer. Pinterest drives tons of FREE traffic, but who cans pend hours manually pinning? Enters an automatic scheduler that takes care of that for you, how awesome is that?!
Bonus point: It’s approved by Pinterest (so you don’t have to worry about it Pinterest cracking down on it, or your account being banned for using it.)
90 days planner
"If you don't know where you are going, no road will take you there". Grab the free planner to get over the overwhelm and plan your future. This the ultimate goal-oriented planner that will get you to where you want to be 3 months from today - following a tested system.
Whether you realize it or not, you are walking around every day with a bunch of todo lists in your mind. And you’re perpetually afraid you’re going to miss something. That's why you really NEED Trello.
Trello is a web-based project management software application which can be used by almost anyone for almost any project. The real beauty of Trello is its versatility - you can adjust about anything to enhance your productivty and get ish done.
KeePass is one of the most popular password managers out there, KeePass is great because it’s open-source, free and cross-platform — available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and even mobile devices. It keeps all your passwords, online and off, in a secure database, so you only have to remember one master password. Be sure that master password is safe!
Considering creating your own course?
Thinkific is your ultimate answer. Thinkific is an all-in-one learning management system that promises to give you “everything you need to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses.
After trialing a number of online course platforms, I found Thinkific to be a stout platform that can be just the right fit for many course builders’ needs.
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download (5)
JobMo which lets you search by location using Google maps in over 20 countries, find and apply for jobs listed on sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, The Ladders and Monster, as well as allows you to research companies and compare salary information.
Post Planner is a social media publishing and scheduling tool. It helps you figure out what kinds of posts and content you should be posting, and helps you post those posts at the right times and on the right networks. It also has a content curation engine that helps you find the top tier content in your industry, so you can share excellent and engaging content in between your marketing messages.
IFTTT, standing for If This Then That, lets you craft “recipes” that allow for various apps and services to connect and work together. For example, I can create an IFTTT recipe that automatically uploads my Instagram photos to my Google Drive account. Create awesome integration with zero programming experience! If you can think it, you can IFTTT it.
StayFocused is a free Chrome extension that restricts the amount of time you are allowed to spend on “time-wasting websites” like Facebook. The tool is ultra-customizable – choose which websites (or specific pages) to block, how long to block them for, etc.
LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site and has more than +400 million members in +200 countries. It is a perfect way to get leads - both for jobs and business opportunities.
People are signing up at approximately two new members a second! It is free to become a member and post a summary of your career and work history.
Grab my FREE LinkedIN checklist here.

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